HydraQuiver Double Hydration Pack

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Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Hydration Pack  

Our single bottle pack has been very well received by the running market, especially in the ultra and trail running space. The #1 request time and time again has been for more water storage. Now after a plethora of prototypes, the Double Barrel is alive and well here at Orange Mud.

For 2014 we changed the shoulder pockets to an expandable knit, and the closure is now an ultra soft medical grade neoprene. The rear expandable pocket is now gone and in exchange has a lash down area in between the bottle holders where elastic cord and a cord lock will be to hold down your jackets and such. There will be an optional modular pocket coming out soon that will clip in there too. As always with our products, if you don't like it return it for a full refund, but we're very confident that you'll love the new Double Barrel! One little note, the footprint of the pack is the same as the 2013, but we changed the construction of it to aid in better manufacturing (DFM). The ironic part is that the pack feels amazingly better than the previous and honestly I can only guess as to why, but hey, we'll take the win!

Key features of the pack:

    Medical grade neoprene stretch web on pocket closure.
    Dual interior zippered cargo, accessible on the fly.
    Reflective logo in between the bottle holders.
    2 bottles of course, 24oz each included.
    1" thick antimicrobial back padding.
    Silky smooth webbing for comfort and a solid fit.
    Canted bottles for easy reach.
    Weight: 518 grams
    Warranty-Lifetime. Plus if you don't like this pack use it first, beat it up, get it dirty, then send it back if it just doesn't work.
    Patent Pending.