Outdoor Connection Camp Oven 10 Quart

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Outdoor Connection Camp Oven 10 Quart

There is nothing better than cooking on an open fire.

Cast Iron Cookware is very versatile cooking equipment and can be used to cook any dish you would normally cook at home. Camp Oven cooking is only limited by your imagination.

A Cast Iron Camp Oven holds the heat very well, even when only using a small amount of coals. Cast Iron reacts slowly to changes in temperature which prevents food from burning. It also holds temperature after being removed from the heat source.

The Outdoor Connection 10 Qt Cast Iron Camp Oven is manufactured with solid pre-seasoned cast iron and featuring a flanged lid to keep coals on top, and twin carry handles.

 Pre-seasoned and ready to use.

Twin  carry handles.

Easy to remove flanged lid.

Built to last.

Versatile oval design.

Weight: 11kg
Approx Dimensions: 41 x 29 X 14cm