Rod/Paddle Leash - Swivel Snap Clip - Rob Fort

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Rod/Paddle Leash - Swivel Snap Clip

The Rob Fort Series has a wide range of quality leashes to choose from that are hand made using traditional methods associated to the marine industry and are made to last from quality materials

The rod and paddle leash is an important part of any fishing kayak. 'Leash it or lose it' Safe attachment of equipment all leashes have clip for connecting to any existing saddle or other attachment point. Solo paddlers should have the paddle connected for safety reasons.

Rod/Paddle Leash -Swivel Snap Clip

Unique multi directional design using quality brass barrel swivel that eliminates twisting of leash.

5mm braided polyester cord and 2mm cord loop connects to the rod grip section/reel seat or paddle shaft snugly so it can't open allowing leash to slip off.

Leash length from clip to end of loop 122 centimetres long. 316 stainless snap clip. Strong and flexible.